Bangladesh Ship Supply is The Ideal Destination for Efficient and Affordable Ship Repair Services
Situated in the heart of Chittagong, the renowned port is the ultimate choice when it comes to cost-effective ship repair. Boasting a wide array of ship spares and competitive repair costs, it offers an ideal environment for carrying out comprehensive repair work. Our team of expert engineers, technicians, and skilled workshop personnel are well-equipped to tackle any ship-related issues. They board the vessel, diagnose the problems, and execute the necessary repairs tailored to the specific requirements of each vessel.

Ship Engines Repair services: Professional repair services for ship engines, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Compressors Repair services: Comprehensive repair solutions for compressors, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Turbines Repair services: Expert repair services for turbines, enhancing power generation and performance.

Boilers Repair services: Reliable repair services for boilers, maintaining efficiency and safety standards.

Pumps Repair services: Solutions for repairing various types of pumps, restoring functionality and performance.

Separators Repair services: Specialized repair services for separators, ensuring efficient fluid separation.

Refrigerating Units services: Maintenance and repair services for refrigerating units, keeping them in optimal condition.

Heat Exchangers Repair services: Professional repair solutions for heat exchangers, maximizing heat transfer efficiency.

Pneumatic System Repair services: Expert repair and maintenance for pneumatic systems, ensuring reliable operation.

Steel Fabrication Services: Skilled steel fabricators delivering high-quality components and structures.

Ship Blasting and Painting services: Enhancing vessel aesthetics and durability through professional blasting and painting services.


A Comprehensive Expertise in Repairing Various Crane Types, Including Crane Spare Parts
For over two decades, we have been providing exceptional services at Chittagong Port since 2003. With a proficient team of seasoned engineers, we possess the expertise to deliver top-notch repair work for a wide range of crane models. Our capabilities extend to the following cranes and more:

> Mitsubishi Cranes > Fukushima > Hagglund > Macgregor > Blm > Hatlapa > KGW
> Melcal > Dongnam > Haean > Liebherr > Palfinger > SCM > Hydralift > LMG > NMF > Tsuji > Asea

Should you require any crane spare parts, we maintain our inventory and offer direct sourcing services from the esteemed scrap yards of Chittagong, renowned worldwide for their quality.

DIESEL ENGINE REPAIR : Enhancing Performance and Reliability

Bangladesh Ship Supply offers comprehensive solutions to address your concerns at Chittagong and Mongla Ports, as well as Matarbari and Payra Ports in Bangladesh. Our expertise lies in routine maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of both main and auxiliary engines, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

REVITALIZE MAIN ENGINE & DIESEL GENERATORS : Unlocking Peak Performance – Efficiency

Is your main engine or diesel generator in need of a complete overhaul? Look no further! At Chittagong Port, we offer top-notch services tailored to breathe new life into your vital machinery. Our skilled technicians and engineers are well-equipped to handle the task, ensuring enhanced performance and optimal efficiency.


Our range of services encompasses a thorough overhaul of your main engine and diesel generators, leaving no stone unturned. From meticulous routine maintenance to troubleshooting complex issues, we specialize in delivering reliable solutions that cater to your specific needs. Count on us to restore your machinery to its full potential.


Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we possess extensive experience in the field of ship repair. Our specialists are well-versed in the art of crankshaft grinding, line boring, fuel equipment maintenance, rabbiting, governors, choking, alarms, control systems, and automation. Rest assured, your main engine and diesel generators are in capable hands.


At Chittagong Port, we offer unparalleled expertise in repairing, reconditioning, and replacing damaged or worn-out parts. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major component replacement, our technicians are equipped with the necessary skills to execute the task efficiently and effectively. Trust us to keep your machinery operating at its best.


When it comes to main engine and diesel generator overhauls, we stand out as a reliable and trusted service provider. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice at Chittagong Port. Experience the difference between our services and witness the remarkable transformation of your machinery.

SHIP SPARES AND EQUIPMENT : Unlocking Seamless Operations

Turbochargers, Tanker Equipment, Safety Equipment, Pressure Gauges, and Chemicals are just a glimpse of the comprehensive offerings we provide to optimize your maritime operations. From tank coating to heat exchangers, navigation equipment to communications equipment, anchors to mooring, and deck equipment, we have you covered.


Our team of professionals excels in a multitude of areas, from hydraulics to compressor and pump services. Whether it’s maintaining and repairing main and auxiliary engines, compressors, purifiers, or mechanical seals, we possess the knowledge and skills to ensure your equipment operates at peak performance.


We understand the importance of propeller polishing and repairs, as well as underwater welding and cutting. With our specialized services, we ensure your vessel’s propulsion system remains in optimal condition, minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency.


Safety is our top priority, and we offer a wide range of safety equipment designed to protect both your crew and your vessel. Our pressure gauges provide accurate readings, enabling precise monitoring of critical systems. Additionally, we supply a diverse range of chemicals for various applications, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

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