Marine Equipment and Spare Parts: Ensuring Safe and Reliable Vessel Journey …..

As a vessel owner or operator, ensuring the safety and reliability of your marine equipment and spare parts is crucial in achieving successful voyages and missions. Any malfunction or breakdown can result in significant delays, loss of revenue, and most importantly, endanger the lives of those on board. This is why it is essential to prioritize top-quality marine equipment and spare parts that comply with global standards.

At Bangladesh Ship Supply, our top priority is to provide every marine, offshore equipment, and spare parts in the highest quality possible, along with important affirmations that a vessel may require during her journey and mission. Our ‘best cost and effective assistance’ strategy ensures that our customers get the best value for their money without compromising the quality of our products and services.

Main Engine and Auxiliary Generator –

The main engine and auxiliary generator are the heart of any vessel. We provide all kinds of spare and major parts needed for the efficient operation of your engine. Our extensive inventory includes ball bearings, oil seals, gaskets, thermometers, pressure gauges, hydraulic pipes, and couplings.

Filters and V-Belts –

Filters and V-belts are crucial components that help keep your engine running smoothly. We offer a wide range of filters and V-belts to ensure that your engine is operating at its best. We also supply turbochargers, hydraulic pumps, pipes, and motor pumps for FW generators.

Anchor and Chain Overhauling –

Anchor and chain overhauling are critical for ensuring the safety and stability of your vessel. We provide overhauling services for anchor and chain, as well as maintenance and repair of the associated equipment.

Marine Paints and Chemicals, Lubricant Oils, and Electrical Equipment –

We understand the importance of protecting your vessel against corrosion, rust, and wear and tear. That’s why we offer high-quality marine paints and chemicals to ensure the longevity of your vessel’s exterior. We also supply lubricant oils for efficient engine performance and electrical equipment for reliable power supply.

Safety Equipment and Life Raft Services –

Ensuring the safety of everyone on board is paramount. We offer a range of safety equipment, including life rafts, maintenance, and service supplies. Our hatch cover tapes are available in sizes 3″, 4″, and 6″, while our brown tapes, plastic, tarpaulin, craft papers, cabin stores in different qualities, ropes, hawsers, and wire cables are essential for ensuring the safety of the vessel and crew. We also supply valves, oil joint sheets, and rubber joint sheets.


As a vessel owner or operator, investing in top-quality marine equipment and spare parts is crucial for the safety and success of your voyages and missions. At [Company Name], we provide a wide range of marine equipment and spare parts, along with essential services to ensure that your vessel operates at its best. Our commitment to providing the best value for your money without compromising quality makes us your ideal partner for all your marine equipment and spare parts needs.

Marine hardware, Fenders, Zinc anodes, Lashing equipment, Cargo & Helideck nets, Gangways, Pilot Ladder, Marine paints & antifouling, Paint equipment, Nautical & Navigation equipment, Deck machinery & equipment, Air horns, Deck cranes, Anti-piracy equipment, Flags, Manila and nylon ropes, Mooring ropes and tails, Galvanized steel wire ropes, Links, turnbuckles and shackles, Hooks, chains, rods, Lifting slings and nets, Gangway nets, Fairlead Mandal shackle, Pneumatic and electrical tools, Hardware & Tools, Barbed wire, Hand tools, cutting tools, Measuring tools, Bolts And nuts, Welding equipment’s, Non sparking tools.

Compressors,  Separators ,Exhaust fans ,Marine Valves DIN & JIS , Calorifiers , Pumps, Pipes, Fittings & Flanges, Metal sheets & Bars ,Marine lubricants ,Bearings , Seals & O-rings , Engine spare parts / Exhaust components , Adhesive ,Pressure gauges, Packings & Jointing’s,  Hydraulic components ,Screws, Bolts & nuts , Welding equipment , Hand tools , Power tools.

Flashing lights, Navigation lights, Marine cables, Lamps & Bulbs, Batteries, Searchlights, Circuit breakers, Switches & Relays, Battery chargers & Converters, Antennas & accessories, Heating elements, Test instruments, Electric motors, Air horns, Plugs & Sockets, Bulbs and lamps, Navigation and search lights, Cables-switches-and boards, Electrical contractor and contacts, Lead acid batteries and chargers, Explosion and waterproof fittings, Fluorescent Lamp, Electric Insulation Rubber Gloves, Non watertight cable plug & receptacle plug, Plug receptacle adaptors round pin plug, Non spark water pump pliers, Non spark side cutting pliers, Refrigerator-washer-grinder etc.

Tableware and galley utensils, Locks and latches, Brushes and mats, Lavatory equipment, Accommodation equipment, Medical supplies, Galley & Kitchen equipment, Office stationery, Kitchen appliances, Bathroom equipment, Laundry supplies, Furnitures & Fixtures, Computer & Electronics, Welfare items, Floor covering, Detergents and cleaning materials.

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