Miscellaneous Stores

Polypropylene Rope & Steel Core Wire.
Twist Locks / Cleaning Materials & Chemicals
Pneumatic & Electrical Tools
Lantern Light / Walkie – Talkie
Gases & Welding Equipment
Mechanical & Engine Spare Parts On Demand
Electrical & Mechanical Tools & Gadgets.

… including all kinds of steel (flat, round, angle, square) as well as pipes & fittings (in all kinds of materials & dimensions)

…including all kinds of mooring ropes, hawsers, wire ropes, pp-ropes, manila ropes, sling wire ropes in all constructions as well as special-made ropes (for cranes & winches).

Our company provide service of Chipping & Painting for Cargo ship, container, buoy and other steel material. For vessel we can do routine job for the maintenance. Our experience with many companies where we have done many vessels for deck chipping and painting and we provide Marine suppliers of Paint & Protective Coatings.

Jotun, Hemple, Nippon, PPG, AkzoNobel, Polyurethane and thinners, Epoxy and modified epoxy, Heat resistance coats, Alkyd and modified alkyd
Underwater, anti-fouling coats, Anti-skid, finish, specialty coats, Roller and flat brushes, Airless spray, Air Hammer, Air Chisel (Jet needle chisel type), Chipping hammer, Scraper, Wire Brush, Dust mask, Earplugs, Vibration-Proofing Gloves, Machine and spares.

– Fuel oil treatment chemicals, Boiler water treatment chemicals, Test kits and reagents.

– Tank cleaning chemicals, Oil spill dispersant, Cooling water treatment chemicals

– Air cooler cleaners, Electric cleaning chemicals, Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant.


We collect all used & good condition navigation equipment’s from ship breaking yard –

• SVDR • LRIT • ARPA • Radar • Auto Pilot • Echo Sounder • GPS Receiver • Ship Whistle • Speed Logs • Gyro Compass • Gyro Repeater • Magnetic Compass • Automatic Tracking Aid • Navigational Lights • Daylight Signaling Lamp • Echo Sounders • Meteorological Sensors • Sound Reception Systems • Voyage Data Recorder • SSAS and LRIT Systems • Navtex Receivers • SSB Radios • Ship Antennas • Position Receivers (D)GNSS • Speed & Distance Log Device • On-Board Communication Equipment • Automatic Identification Systems AIS • Electronic Chart Display Information System ECDIS • Type- B, C, Mini-M, M, GAN(M4) • BGAN, Fleet, GMDSS A3 Radio Stations (incl. Inmarsat C, MF/HF, VHF)


B.A Charts, Nautical Publications, Various types of ship flags with different colors and signs and stationary are available.

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