Hooks – Various Types of Hooks and Attachments for Chain Slings, Rigging Equipment – Swivels, Turnbuckles, Rigging Screws, Drum Lifting Clamps, Beam Clamps, Lever Hoists, Snatch Blocks, Pulley Blocks, Marlin Spikes, Wire Rope Clamps, Eyebolts, Eye-nuts, Thimbles, and a Complete Range of Tie-Down Equipment. Shackles – Tested Shackles, Stainless Steel and Standard Galvanized Shackles in Both “D” and “Bow” Types. Rubber Packing Sheets / Dunnage Supply and Disposal / Car Lashing Belts. Fresh Water Supply and Bunkering.

If you’re in the market for hooks, rigging equipment, shackles, rubber packing sheets, dunnage supply and disposal, car lashing belts, or fresh water supply and bunkering, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of products to meet your every need, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist.

Our hooks come in a variety of sizes and styles, including grab hooks, clevis hooks, and slip hooks. We also carry a range of attachments for chain slings, such as master links, connecting links, and chain shorteners. All of our hooks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand even the most demanding applications.

In addition to our hooks, we also offer a complete line of rigging equipment. Our selection includes swivels, turnbuckles, rigging screws, drum lifting clamps, beam clamps, lever hoists, snatch blocks, pulley blocks, marlin spikes, wire rope clamps, eyebolts, eye-nuts, thimbles, and a complete range of tie-down equipment. No matter what your rigging needs are, we have the equipment to get the job done.

We understand that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to rigging equipment, which is why we only offer tested shackles. Our selection includes both stainless steel and standard galvanized shackles in both “D” and “Bow” types. When you choose our shackles, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality products available.

If you’re looking for rubber packing sheets, dunnage supply and disposal, or car lashing belts, we have you covered. Our rubber packing sheets are perfect for a variety of applications, including sealing and vibration control. We also offer a range of dunnage supply and disposal options to meet your every need. And if you need to secure your cargo, our car lashing belts are just what you need.

Finally, we offer fresh water supply and bunkering services to our customers. Whether you need fresh water for your vessel or your job site, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done.

In conclusion, if you’re in need of hooks, rigging equipment, shackles, rubber packing sheets, dunnage supply and disposal, car lashing belts, or fresh water supply and bunkering, we have everything you need. Our products are of the highest quality and are designed to meet even the most demanding applications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

– Razor Wires
Many vessels using Razor Wire daily against pirates, and never have been attacked yet.
It can protect your vessel by extend razor wire around your vessel boarders.

– Nets – Boat Traps
Boat trap can be utilized to stop pirates’ boats when they draw close to a cargo, container vessel. When in water, the net catches the propellers of the boats which cripple the vessel, keeping it from pushing ahead.

In order to prevent any pest on board, bring infected cargo to another port or even put at risk your own crew, inspections should be carried out periodically and in some cases, fumigations should be performed.

At BD Ship Supply we provide everything you need to keep your good vessel healthy and with all the sanitation papers in good order so you don’t have to worry about ports denying your ship’s entrance.

There are many types of fumigations that will depend on each ship’s condition. Just to name a few, you can have a fumigation service to prevent mosquitoes, the Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM), etc.

Our Services –
>> Sanitary Inspections
>> Fumigation
>> AGM Inspection

We buy old rejected Iron Scrap, Mooring Rope, Wire Rope, Deck-Engine Stores / Scrap, Woods, Paint, Empty Drum, Brass, Copper, Tarpaulins, Used Oil, Dispose Expired Medicine etc.

Medical assistance in a heartbeat.

We provides medical services when someone on board needs a pharmacist, dentist, doctor or physiotherapist. Let us arrange the appointment and transport of your crew member, so he can be treated. We can arrange this in almost every major port in Bangladesh.

But that is not all. Each self-sufficient ship is a small hospital with many medicines, bandages and medical accessories. We regularly fill and renew the contents of the medicine cabinet.

We go the extra mile for you and your crew. If you need a certain medical certificate, then we ensure that the certificate is renewed on time.

Interested in medical assistance? We are happy to help you out! Contact us and tell us what you need. We can supply, including:

  • Pharmaceutical & OTC Drugs
  • Medical supplies & equipment
  • Medical consumables & Sundries
  • Stretchers, Splints & Extrication Devices
  • Paramedic and Safety Equipment
  • First Aid / Life raft Kits
  • Surgical Supplies & Equipment
  • Dental Supplies
  • Eyewash kits

Our expertise and sound knowledge in customs related matters makes us an ideal Custom Clearing Agents, for all your Custom Clearance issues.

  • OPA Service

Our sister concern company offer a wide range service of

  • Crew Transfers

We can handle crew transfers (from the airport) to/from vessels in port and off-shore (by means of a launch boat), crew supports.

  • Crew Changes

We can arrange crew embarkation and disembarkation locally to arrange permission from custom, immigration formalities, hotel reservations, air ticketing, and can arrange a meet & greet service at the airport.

  • Freight

We are also a freight forwarder looking for good NVOCC/MLO/LINER AGENCY SERVICE (CONTAINER LINE). We have ready team to handle any size liner service or MLO. We are very good fit with container service provider.

We have very close contacts with local authorities and tugboats/barges companies and thus can be an excellent facilitator with them. We also have close contacts at Customs and can be of service to you with them as well. In addition, we also have contacts at local equipment owners such as heavy crane, lighter barges, bobcat, trailer, trucks, grab, fender, flat barge owners, etc.

On-Request Service –

Bangladesh Ship Supply undertakes survey and Inspections in accordance with international Codes, Rules or customer specifications. Our procedures introduce the required scope of survey & inspection accordingly.
Bangladesh Ship Supply offers Independent and accurate quantity measurement service for bunkers, and provide complete documentation for each Survey to support any claims to shortages or bad bunker quality disputes. Bangladesh Ship Supply also carry out Pre-delivery tank measurements on both the bunker barge/vessel and the receiving vessel.

We at Bangladesh Ship Supply conduct Bunker Surveys at Delivery and Re-Delivery as and when required by the client at both sides of the Panama Canal, Serving the Port of Balboa and Port of Cristobal.

Bangladesh Ship Supply Bunker Surveys includes:
Fuel Sampling (Shore Tanks, Tanker Vessels, Bunker Barges, Supply Vessels)
ROB & bunker quantity calculations before and after transfer operation
Fuel Testing by high standard and recognize laboratories.

De-Bunker survey

Ship to Ship survey operation
Additional services Bangladesh Ship Supply include BUNKER QUANTITY VERIFICATION SURVEY & BUNKER DETECTIVE SURVEY for clients.

Bangladesh Ship Supply undertakes quantity verification survey and Inspections in accordance with international Codes, Rules or customer specifications. Our procedures introduce the required scope of survey & inspection accordingly.

With Bangladesh Ship Supply bunker quantity verification survey, you can be sure that you receive the volume of fuel purchased. We provide you with detailed and reliable analyses of the quantity at loading point, discharging point and the quantity of any transferred fuel, and measure this both pre- and post-delivery, either onboard vessels, in supply storage and/or on barges as required. Our quantity verification survey provides you with reliable, impartial, documented evidence should you need to make any shortage claims.

Bangladesh Ship Supply undertake bunker detective survey and inspections in accordance with international Codes, Rules or customer specifications. Our procedures introduce the required scope of survey & inspection accordingly.

Bangladesh Ship Supply bunker detective survey provides 211B Surveys (also commonly known as Bunker Detective Surveys) in order to find conceal bunkers onboard and at the same time ensuring that only the best marine surveying and business ethics are practiced.

Bunker fuel concealment detection largely depends on the hands-on approach and practical experience of Bangladesh Ship Supply surveyors and therefore we hire only the best in the industry – Bangladesh Ship Supply surveyors are well-versed with the various techniques used to conceal bunkers on board.

Bangladesh Ship Supply Bunker Detective is primarily aimed at providing how ship charterers’ & bunker brokers deal with bunker quantity disputes (which does not fall under P & I cover for charterers’), however, through this division we also provide an exclusive service to ship charterers’ dealing with and intervening in an event of Bad Bunker dispute claims i.e. bunker contamination and consequential liabilities arising from the supply of off – specification fuels which may give rise to P & I related claims.

We at Bangladesh Ship Supply enforce that all bunkers suppliers, barge & craft operators, surveyors, chief engineers & masters or any other party that have interest in bunker transaction shall not engage in any unethical fraudulent or other illegal practices. In the event of any invitation to participate in such activities, it should be immediately reported to the implementing authorities.

To ensure freight rate profitability, a proper Draft Survey can save substantial costs for the interested party and avoid claims which inevitably result from quantity disputes.

We at Bangladesh Ship Supply conduct Draft Surveys as and when required by the client at both sides of the Panama Canal. Serving the Port of Balboa in Panama City and Port of Cristobal in Colon.

Draft survey companies play an important role to determine the amount of cargo loaded or discharged for the benefit of all the interested parties. A well-conducted draft survey of a large vessel should achieve accuracy to within 0.5 %.

A formal and structured process enhances the accountability and professionalism of Bangladesh Ship Supply draft survey operations, and also raises the standards of surveying practices in tandem with the increasing demands of the shipping business.

Bangladesh Ship Supply undertakes draft survey and Inspections in accordance with international Codes, Rules or customer specifications. Our procedures introduce the required scope of survey & inspection accordingly.

Panama Ship Service, Draft Surveys are carried out on behalf of the ship owners, charterers, shippers, receivers, cargo owners and third parties in connection with the loading and discharging operations to determine the actual weight of the cargo aboard the vessel.

Bangladesh Ship Supply performs the draft survey meticulously raking into account all the prevailing circumstances, following the UN CODE OF UNIFORM STARDARDS AND PROCEDURES. We incorporate at the final report, every aspect and difficulty which has been encountered in order to convey all aspects of the survey.

While draft surveys may be carried out by Bangladesh Ship Supply professional surveyors, the ship’s Chief Officer should also perform a draft survey to the same degree of accuracy.

Our goal is to continue with a high standard process to be trusted by our clients.

On-Hire and Off-Hire Condition Surveys documented with photographs at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

Survey for Class Approval or Class Approval Survey is the process by which a vessel currently classed by a member or associate of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) can access another ship classification standard such as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Class NK etc. Quality procedures laid down by IACS describe the responsibilities of each society for the conduct of TOC surveys and the submission of plans and information.

Initial Request
Bangladesh Ship Supply may be approached with a request for classification. A dedicated project manager will then review the following vessel details:

Ship type, age, tonnage and service history
Ownership and fleet details
Flag state, port state detention and casualty record
Number of previous transfers
Survey status and conditions or recommendations.
For ships that are 15 years of age and older, a pre-inspection survey will determine the general condition of the ship.
We at Bangladesh Ship Supply are dedicated to the survey industry and follow all of the internationals standards of the Shipping Business (A.B.S., Class NK, and Lloyd´s).

On-Hire and Off-Hire Condition Surveys documented with photographs at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

Damage surveys are performed to determine the Nature, extent and cause of Hull damage and recommendations for repairs. Organizing shore workshops/shipyards to carry out or coordinate major repairs/Dry-docking and Class certifications. Salvage of Ocean-going vessels, after Grounding, Fire, or Collision.

Pre-Charter vetting survey or inspection for vessels going on Long Term Charters.

Bangladesh Ship Supply offers a Vessel and machinery Pre-Purchase conditions survey and detailed report to the potential ship buyer for a specific vessel. A preliminary report will be issued within 48 hours after completing the assignment.

Cash to master: safe transportation to your vessel.

Ships are self-sufficient, so cash is needed to pay salaries, new parts and supplies. We are asked by shipping companies to bring a certain amount of money on board. The money often ends up in the Captain’s cash register. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, we work together with certified security companies.

The average cost for Cash to Master depends on the amount, the exchange rate, the location and the conditions.

Let us handle the Cash to Master. There are many simple ways to save money. Let us know what amount you need and the location and we will send you a competitive quote.

Every ship receives visitors: from suppliers to technicians. Receive visitors with open arms and guarantee an easy and smooth onboarding.

There are guidelines for ship visits. Before onboarding a visitor must be registered at the terminal or port, otherwise he can not board the ship. At LBH we think along with you and your visitors. It is possible that the prospect of a ship changes. In that case we will inform the visitors and other involved parties. Optionally we can arrive transport for the visitors, so that they arrive at the right time and at the right location.

Do you have a vessel at anchorage? No problem, we will get your visitors onboard by tender services.

Optionally we can arrange transport for the visitors. Let us know what you need.

Deliveries to your vessel: easy & fast

From an envelope to a heavy ship part: we ensure that you get it on board. We do not shy away from a challenge.

On board deliveries get more complex, because of increasingly stringent regulations at terminals and custom formalities. We make sure your ship or vessel receives all deliveries timely without delay.

Whether it’s the shipment of spare parts, multiple pallets of food, chemicals or something else, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver your products to the ship. But that’s not all. We can arrange a warehouse for short or long term storage. We can arrange a quick delivery or assistance when needed.

Please, give us a description of your shipment(s), including the weight, dimensions and origin. We can then give you the estimated cost for the delivery to your vessel.

Efficient dry docking = a time & money saver!

All major ports in Bangladesh we has built up a network with solid and reliable contacts: from local authorities to subcontractors.

Let us know if we can coordinate a smooth dry docking. Close oversight during a project is critical. We can handle it.

Other requirements not listed …

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