23 Jan

ABB opens new operations centre to help ship owners

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Power and automation technology group, ABB’s new facility is expected to provide more support to ships from the shore, reducing costs and bringing safety benefits to ship owners
ABB opens new operations centre to help ship owners
ABB has opened a new Integrated Operations Centre which they say will allow ship owners to take greater control of their fleet from shore and provide cost savings and safety benefits.
From the centre, situated in Billingstad in Norway, the company says engineers will be able to connect to vessel anywhere in the world. Sensors and software onboard the ship send equipment and performance data via satellite link which allows ship owners to perform remote troubleshooting and make informed judgements about the ship’s performance and maintenance plan.
The new centre fits into ABB’s marine integrated operations concept which utilises the Internet of Things Services and People (IoTSP) to connect ships, their owner’s technical headquarters and ABB’s support departments.
In a statement the company says: “The Integrated Operations Centre’s present application is as exciting as its future potential for more efficient fleet operations and increased autonomy for ships. With Integrated Operations, ship owners can implement a way of working that saves up to 50% on dry docking costs on ABB equipment if monitoring, pre-survey, and project execution are managed in close cooperation between ABB and the ship owner. Data is collected from systems and used as input for maintenance work during dry dockings.”
“We are monitoring the key parameters which will have direct impact on the critical equipment and could lead either to downtime or to a significant loss in efficiency,” added Richard Windischhofer, VP Integrated Operations. “We are proactive in our relationship with our customers and with the new Integrated Operations Center we proactively monitor the critical alarms and inform the crew about issues – sometimes even before they notice them themselves.
“Ship owners are always looking for more efficient ways to run their business and the Integrated Operations Centre can play an active role in reducing their maintenance costs,” commented Heikki Soljama, Managing Director of ABB’s Marine and Ports. “The Internet of Things, Services and People is providing exciting opportunities and we are at the forefront of this new wave of innovation.”

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