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We Bangladesh Ship Supply Exist To Serve You With Pleasure in Port of Chittagong. From the beginning we were known for honesty reliability which built our high reputation, expanded network world wide and created high growth situation. We have dedicated professional team and a warehouse, storing most of the items requested by vessels calling Chittagong Port. This facilitates us to fulfill the vessels requirements by supplying high standard quality items at reasonable prices at the right time. We’ve a well set-up & trusted name in ship supply, ship repair, ship spare parts supplier/exporter based at Chittagong (BDCGP) & Mongla port. There’re a biggest ship breaking market in our country. We source out all used/good condition parts from there & checked well before collection. About Us We accept responsibility for our actions and give you the right results. We act with integrity and operate within the letter and spirit of the law. We give without any strings attached. Our team has previous working experience with the Chittagong Port Authority, so we know all hidden back-doors! We are in direct close contact with the current Chittagong Port Authority managers, so we can eliminate any problem before it even occurs. “If your ships call in any Bangladeshi ports then you can trust us for ship supply, ship repair or any other work. With a presence in all Bangladeshi Ports, We can and will take care of you!” WE ACTS WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY! We are decisive, take initiative and make tough decisions when necessary. We set priorities and act on them immediately. WE CREATES & MAINTAINS SYNERGY! We respect our colleagues and those we interact with outside our organization. We build trust and celebrate successes. We help our clients improve their effectiveness by continuously keeping them up to date. We Are Always Here at Your Services Within The Competence- You can reach us any time. Doesn’t matter day or night. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers during the crisis times. Our Vision To exceed our outstanding record of serving the Bangladeshi ports with superior products, reliable service and competitive prices. To guarantee our clients a superior customer-service experience with an inventory that meets all their vessel needs and delivery on a 24/7 basis throughout the year. To build on our credibility as the one-stop shopping choice for the marine equipment industry, which we have been for over 5 years. Spare Parts and Custom Clearence We clear all customs formalities for your marine spare parts, on time, at a reasonable price, providing our clients a service that will enhance their productivity and profitability. We reduce the amount of time and money they spend on forwarding processes. * Customs Documentations * Carting / Receiving Goods * Examination of Shipments * Handling of Goods at Ports * Customs Warehouses For More…. https://www.bdshipsupply.com Vimeo… https://vimeo.com/bdshipsupply
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