4 Dec

Sludge & Slop Discharge

The Ship Owners and Managers often face a big hurdle to discharge their slops/sludge in Chittagong port and are often quoted exorbitantly for the services. BD Ship Supply understands the situations and coordinating agency with an experienced person at its helm to arrange/organize the disposal of sludge/slops with Certificate- which would be undertaken by responsible personnel and executed with utmost care and diligence in total compliance with all Local and International statutory Rules and regulations.

We buy all types of used/waste oil such as transformer oil, sludge oil, furnace oil, LDO (Sludge), hydraulic oil, engine oil, spilled bitumen, slope oil, gear oil, grease, turpentine oil, turbine oil and all other petroleum products.

We also provide the following services upon request- Slop Discharge, Tank Washing, Tank -Galley Garbage Cleaning, Bilge Water discharge.

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