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About one million containers a year, in the port Chittagong port has been added to the list of three million port

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Asif Siddiqui, Chittagong   

December 25, 2014 1:17 pm

Chittagong port has been added to the list of three million port

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There are 5 seaports in the world that operate 1 million or 1 million single container premises annually. The name of the main Chittagong seaport has been added to the list of the three million port. 

Chittagong seaport has set a new record of 1 lakh single container courtyard on Saturday. This container container has been set up in Chittagong port from January 1 to December 25. There are still 7 days left to complete 20 years; Chittagong port has already been named in the list.

It is worth mentioning that the Chittagong port is now ranked 5th in the list of one hundred seaports in the world. Chittagong Port has achieved this position in view of the 2 million single container building in 20 years. Earlier, the port was the 5th in the 21st. The Lloyds List, the world’s oldest shipping magazine, produces and publishes this list every year. There are 5 seaports in that list; Those who build more than one million million container containers a year. And the port of Chittagong was the 5th, but was not considered as a port of three millionaires. 

Confirming the matter, Chittagong Port Member (Administration and Planning) Jafar Alam told Kall Kantha that the combined efforts of the port authorities and users have achieved this milestone. We have been able to handle 1 million units without having to deal with constraints and many challenges. It would not be logical to combine our Chittagong port with the best and busiest ports in the world. Because most of the ports there are transshipment ports; Not an ‘end port’ or end destination like ours. 

“If we can still transfer delivery from the port to the Bay Terminal, we can show more success,” he said. I can be on the front row more on the Lloyds list. 

Referring to the glory of Chittagong port being linked to the port of the World’s Three Millionaire Club, Galaxy Bangladesh Shipping Lines Chairman Ahmed Yusuf Walid told Kal Kantha that the image of Bangladesh along with Chittagong port at sea port of the world will be brightened. We must build capacity to sustain growth and further enhance the port’s efficiency by protecting this continuity. Because the economy of Bangladesh is very dependent on the efficiency of the port.  

The four-year plan of the Chittagong Port, made by the Hamburg Port Consultancy (HPC) in Germany, stated that in the port of Chittagong, container shipments would be about 2 million units in 20 years; There will be 25 lakh 1 thousand units in 20 and 25 lakh units in 2021. The Chittagong port has fulfilled its forecast in the last 25 years.

Great plan has indicated that new jet terminals and machinery will have to be added to keep up with the growth of product lines. Otherwise, the business of commodity trading will take off elsewhere. And if this situation continues, the port growth will slow down. That means it will take longer than expected to leave the product. But the Chittagong Port Authority has so far handled the commodity boom with the addition of new and modern equipment, but by 2020 it will not be possible to keep up with the growth of the port without actually having a new terminal or jetty. 

Port officials say the port authorities are building a Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) on the banks of the Karnaphuli river to curb growth. It was supposed to be launched in the 21st, the government is working with the army for speedy execution. But that project is also unlikely to start before 2020. Otherwise, no JT-terminal will be coming to port in the next two years. As a result, 2020 is very important for the port. The port is seeking to build only a delivery yard and a truck terminal at the Bay Terminal at the moment. But the file is stuck in the ministry. 

If the Chittagong port does not keep up with the sustained growth, the country’s economy will also be under pressure, and its importers will have to pay losses. If the port does not function properly, Bangladesh will fall behind in competition in the world export market. 
Asked to know, Chittagong Chamber President Mahbubul Alam told Kal Kantha, “It is not only Chittagong, but the economy for the entire country.” Because despite the government’s highest policy-making forums, construction of the Bay Terminal has apparently not progressed. Construction didn’t start until the sand filled the distance. So when will the delivery yard, truck terminal be built? 

We want to know why the most important ‘Bay Terminal project’ of the port is not being taken on the Prime Minister’s priority fast track, he added.

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