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Time and suffering will be reduced Chittagong Port launches digital ship berthing.

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Asif Siddiqui, Chittagong   

Chittagong Port launches digital ship berthing

Chittagong port. Photo: The Voice of Tomorrow

Chittagong Port Authority is launching a new digital system instead of a 5-year-old method of shipping ships. The shipping agent will no longer be required to attend daily berthing meetings at the Chittagong port building to get the sheep’s permission or berthing on the ship’s jetty in the new system. Shipping will be automatically borne based on information provided to agents online; And that information will be immediately available to the agent.

Port authorities and users believe that if the new system is fully launched, it will save a lot of time, reduce costs and make the process easier. It will also update the information about all the ships in the port waters apart from the ships arriving on the jetty and keep records of all the ships arriving in the past.

Chittagong Port Authority member (Harbor and Marine) Commodore Shafiul Bari told Kall Voice, “We are now conducting trial runs or experimental work in this new system; Correcting errors Hopefully, I can launch this digital system in the next one month.

He said that with the new software, the shipping lines or agents will give information about the ships coming to Chittagong port online. They will be automatically granted berthing after giving. They do not have to get permission to ship in the port building after sitting for half an hour. Although this method was introduced at the seaport of the developed country, we are now going to launch it.

The port authorities say the new system does not require an agent to attend daily birthing meetings; Ship arrivals must not be submitted manually. Agents will be able to find out the amount of products on all the ships in the port waters and also get information about these products being shipped online. How much product has been dropped from an outboard vessel; No need to wait the next day to find out. As a result, it is not time to decide when the ship will leave or when to board the jetty.

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