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Chittagong port is handling 3807 ships

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Al Rahman, Senior Correspondent | Banglanews24.com

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Chittagong : The main seaport of the country is handling 8 thousand 5 ships in the country. In 28, the ship was handling 7,900. In one year, it has increased by 5, 5.7 percent.

Chittagong Port has achieved a record of handling 1 million containers in the current outgoing year, handling a total of 1 lakh 3 thousand 8 containers as a 20-foot-long (TEUs). The previous year, which was 2 million 3 thousand 5 thousand. Growth has risen to 4.7 percent.

On the other hand, the port has a total cargo handling capacity in the 26th fiscal year of the country. The previous year, which was 1 crore 5 lakh 8 thousand 225 metric tons. The sector has grown by 5.7 percent.

Chittagong Port Authority Secretary. Omar Farooq informed Banglanews.     

According to the port sources, the container-carrying vessel was brought from Chittagong port to the main jetty through the tidal-dependent Karnaphuli channel. On the other hand, the large vessels brought from different industries, including cereals, cement clinkers, wheat, sawdust, salt, edible oil, were taken out to the shore near the seaport, silo jetty and factory in small vessels.

Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury, president of the Shipping Agent Association in Bangladesh, told banglanews that the cost of transporting containers and cargo to a larger vessel would be less costly than bringing smaller ships. If the average position of the ship can be reduced then the cost of doing business will be reduced. If a ship waits on the outer shore one day, we have to pay 3-5 thousand dollars more. The port authorities and the government have been informed long ago. Already several initiatives are also seeing the light. Hopefully, if the Bay Terminal is built, the larger ships will be able to travel 24 hours a day without waiting for the tide. At the same time, capital dredging should be strengthened to keep the existing jetties of the port active.

Director of Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (Port and Customs) Khairul Alam Sujan told banglanews that the economy of the country is getting bigger, Bangabandhu Industrial City is being built at Mirsarai. So ship handling at the port has also increased. But if we want to allow neighboring countries to transport goods through ports, we need to increase our capacity. New depots will have to be created to store these cargoes or containers.  

Most of the containers in the port are handled at Nummuring Container Terminal (NCT) and Chittagong Container Terminal (CCT). Saif Power Tech Limited is the country’s top terminal operator in charge of handling. Captain Tanvir Hossain, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company told Banglanews that, due to the new gantry crane and container handling equipment added by the government and port authorities, we were able to load-unload a container in a ship faster than in the past. We created the record by unloading the container load of a ship in 24 at 9.5 hours (less than 2 days).

He said the average stay of the ship at Chittagong port was about 2 decimal 5 days. It will be further reduced in the future.  

Chittagong Port Authority Chairman Rear Admiral Zulfiqar Aziz told banglanews that due to the cyclone, the jet had to be abolished in 20. However, the average position of the ship has decreased over time. Work on our Patenga Container Terminal (PCT) is fast approaching. If this happens we will be able to crowd four more ships. In addition, we hope to start construction of the Bay Terminal this year.

He said the Chittagong Port Authority is working on short, medium and long-term plans to keep the government’s Cost of Doing business minimizers policy, trade facilitation, attract investment in the country, keep production and supply supply chain constant.

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