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Duties of Gangway Watchman – Merchant Ships

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Gangway Watchman

The gangways are manned by a watchman who is responsible to the SSO or OOW.

Primary responsibility of a Gangway Watchman

  • to control access to the ship,
  • control of people and equipment to and from the vessel,
  • searching of personnel and/or baggage,
  • reporting of security incidents or breaches.

Additionally, Gangway watchman must be trained for below

  1. Gangway access point ALWAYS MUST BE MANNED.
  2. If somebody from ship’s staff call for another duty, must be sure, that reliever is available at the gangway. Those on gangway duty must not leave the station until properly relieved.  Gangways are not left unattended at any time for whatever reason until a relief has been briefed and taken over responsibility.
  3. The gangway must be checked to see that it is properly lashed and secured, well lit and at all times safe for use.  The embarkation area should be kept orderly and clean at all times.  The first impression is the one that lasts.
  4. Control of permitted persons and goods:
  • At access point, all pre-allowed visitors and joining crew  boarding the vessel must have their identity checked
  • names, time in and out and purpose of visit recorded in gangway book
  • been escorted to and from their point of interest if deemed necessary by SSO
  • be liable to search if deemed necessary by the SSO and at random in a ratio: 1 to 10
  • GIVEN ID badges, when the person leaving must return ID badge All persons must sign the log on and off the boat, legibly and in ink.
  • instructed to avoid restricted areas
  • IF REFUSING to show ID or explain reasons for boarding then DETAINED and reported to SSO
  • If showing suspicious behaviour, DETAINED at the access point for further investigation by the SSO
  • Bags or goods carried inconsistent with visitor purpose and at random in ratio of 1 to 10 opened for inspection
  1. A watch shall be maintained for unauthorised removal of the ship’s equipment and stores.
  2. An alert watch is kept at all times at the head of each gangway. This is to include careful scrutiny of the quayside area and, in particular, any movements of personnel in the areas of open shell doors and mooring lines fore and aft.
  3. No unaccompanied baggage is permitted on the vessel or to be left in the immediate vicinity of the gangway.
  4. Gangway access point must be equipped with spare, freshly charged battery for the walkie-talkie.
  5. Gangway access point must be equipped with a box containing minimum 4 helmets, 2 eye safety gear (goggles) 2 pair of gloves for the visitor.
  6. Gangway access point must be equipped with instructions concerning patrolling pattern, locking system and body search procedure.
  7. Always report to OOW any abnormal situations especially around the vessel and insight.
  8. The SSO or OOW is informed immediately of any instance of persons boarding or leaving the ship other than by the gangway, i.e., leaping over bulwarks, from decks of stacked vessels, or thru side gates, etc.
  9. In the case of emergency alarms, watchman must remain on gangway access point until further orders obtained from OOW, SSO or Master.

ISPS code – A measure to enhance the security of Ships and Port facilities

In the event of an emergency situation, gangway watchmen should, without jeopardising their own safety, alert the SSO or OOW then direct the Master, and other relevant officers as appropriate.


Source: https://cultofsea.com/security/duties-gangway-watchman/

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