25 Jan

Vessel Technology Unveils The DPSS Net To Reduce Cost, Time And Risk

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Vessel Technology are proud to announce the launch of a new innovative product the DPSS® Net. The new DPSS® Net product allows customers to reduce operating costs, time and risk associated with Dynamic Positioning operations.
The DPSS® Net allows network storm tests to be carried out to verify vessel control systems as well as identify any issues. David Milne, Director of Vessel Technology, said “The DPSS® Net compliments Vessel Technology’s DPSS® product which has been warmly received into the industry where no similar solution is available. Both of our products allow the vessel’s crew to perform functionality that was previously not possible without the attendance of the manufacturer’s service engineer”.


Image Credits: vessel.technology

The DPSS® (Dynamic Positioning Signal Simulator) product has been tested on sea trials during an FMEA in conjunction with DP & Marine Assurance. Peter Solvang, Director of DP & Marine Assurance, said “Vessel Technology’s products help prevent DP incidents and issues, and enhance safety”. Customers have noted that a single use of the product can more than pay for itself compared to having to arrange a service engineer to visit the vessel.

Vessel Technology

Image Credits: vessel.technology

Located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Vessel Technology has a focus on providing innovative solutions to the marine industry to reduce costs and provide additional functionality. The company pioneered the DPSS® – the first portable DP test equipment available in the marketplace.
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